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Frequency asked questions about this tutorial's topic

(Q) There are hundreds of known nebula and galaxies. Why are only a handful included on the star map?


(A) I felt the mural should emphasize the stars more than the celestial objects, so I only included a few nebula and galaxies. The nebula and galaxies that were included on the map are the brightest ones.

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(Q) How do you stick a stencil to the ceiling when using a stencil to paint zodiac figures?


(A) I have not used stencils on any of my murals so I don’t really know the answer to this question. But my guess is that by printing the stencil on card stock, then lightly spraying the back of the cut stencil with spray glue, then letting the sprayed stencil air dry for a few minutes (to reduce the permanence of its glue) before attaching it to the ceiling, it could be temporarily attached to the ceiling.

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