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Frequency asked questions about this tutorial's topic

(Q) In astronomy photos, many nebula appear red. Why don’t you use red glow powder in the nebula?


(A) The red glow powder has a very short glow time, on the order of 15 minutes. A nebula made from that powder loses its glow too quickly.

Star burst image.

(Q) Why is the first glue that is put onto the nebula card mixed with water, but the second glue is pure undiluted glue?


(A) The purpose of the first glue coating is merely to attach the first glow powder layer to the card. The second glue coating has two purposes: To attach the second powder layer to the card and to give the entire nebula a diffuse cloudy look. The latter function requires undiluted glue.

As was mentioned in the galaxies FAQs, the undiluted glue has the disadvantage of dimming the glow paint slightly. If you feel a brighter nebula is more important than having a cloudy diffuse look for the nebula, use the diluted glue for the final coating.

Star burst image.

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