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Frequency asked questions about this tutorial's topic

(Q) Why spray paint the marea first with enamel paint and then hand-paint them a second time with acrylic paint? Why not just use the spray paint or just use the acrylic paint?


(A) The spray paint by itself makes the edges of the marea unrealistically smooth. The acrylic hand paint by itself gave the marea an uneven blotchy appearance (at least in my hands, it did). Only by combining the two methods could I get consistent acceptable results.

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(Q) In the video, the glass jar that you mixed the acrylic paint with water is labeled “latex”. Is the paint in there latex or acrylic?


(A) It is acrylic paint. The jar was mislabeled.

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(Q) When hand-painting the marea with the acylic paint, the edges of the enamel painted marea are hard to see. Is that a problem in terms of painting the marea accurately?


(A) The enamel marea outlines are hard to see in the video, but in real life they can be seen well enough to accurately paint them with the acrylic paint.

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